Value Proposition for Channel Partners

Direct2Channel is the result of an association of people with an experience of more than 10 years in software distribution that have realized that classic distribution models and patterns are living their last days. The world is changing and software distribution it’s changing too. We invite you to join us in this journey to a future world where all the roles in selling software will be changed and all the relationships and actors are different. The trip is for free; you can join or leave at any moment for no charge. Just dare to try a different model.

We believe that Direct2Channel has a strong value proposition for you, our distribution partners, one of the best available worldwide:

  • We partner with top ISV-s in order to be able to bring you the best commercial conditions and the most innovative technologies that can help you provide good and actual products and services to your clients;
  • We offer a strong competitive position through access to qualified leads, reliable services, customized offerings and good margins
  • We present you a platform where you can take maximum advantage of the sales opportunities you identify with your clients, gaining power of negotiation and decision
  • We offer you enhanced visibility over a broad portfolio of technologies and services that will make you capable of better serving your customer needs and choose appropriate offers with best margins
  • We give you the opportunity to organize bids for your sales projects and select the most convenient offers from various vendors
  • We enable fast ordering, procurement and delivery and total transparency over margins and commissions
  • We present you all the relevant information over your sales, performance, balances and also aggregated information and reports about trends, opportunities, market evolutions and predictions
  • We give you assistance in order to be able to respond to complex opportunities for bigger projects, by asking support from our specialized sales consultants, technicians and / or directly from vendors
  • We facilitate your access to trainings, tutorials and sales materials of high value that will enhance your sales potential and competitiveness
  • We offer a qualified technical support with solid KPI-s and service levels
  • We enable you to use demand generation tools for increasing your sales opportunities.

It’s sounds incredible but it’s not a hoax. We really offer all of the above because Direct 2 Channel means REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES.